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Helpful Tips to Support your Child’s Literacy Development

• Read to your child every day. This could be throughout the day, or at night before your child goes to bed.

• Have your child read aloud to you at least once a day.

• Interact with your child and their favorite book for 15min. every day by asking your child questions about what they are reading.

• Let your child’s imagination wander. Set a timer for 20 min. and have your child write a story, poem, letter, etc. about whatever they choose. As they are writing you may also write too. After the timer goes off read your writing to your child and have your child read their writing to you.

• You may also want to have a writing party. During this gathering your child and friends will take time to write about a certain subject such as, “The Greatest Day of My Life.” Let children think and talk about this topic and then they can write about it. To make this event extra special you can give children a wonderful pencil with the Junior Writers Foundation logo to write with. After all children are finished have each child give their writing to a friend to read aloud. Having someone else read your writing aloud to you really helps you to listen for what may be missing in your writing. Children love to read each other’s writing. After children listen to the writing they can go back and revise (change or add anything to their writing) and proofread (change any grammatical things that are necessary).

• A great way to boost your child's self esteem is through writing and becoming published. The Junior Writers Foundation can help to make this happen.

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