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This hour long seminar introduces children to publishing as a business. This works as a stand alone program as well as a supplement to any existing publishing day program. Students work together to establish an imaginary publishing company and choose a title to publish. They learn the parts of a book as well as the basics of publishing including ISBN numbers, copyright, and basic book marketing principles. This program is designed primarily for 4th-6th graders but can be adjusted to fit any class between 1st grade through high school. The program is designed to be presented to 4-6 classes of 20-30 students each. This program is the first step towards the successful publication of a book written by the students.

Only a limited number of programs can be scheduled during any school year. Availability is on a first come first serve basis. Special consideration is given to schools targeted by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. For more information call Ron Pramschufer at 1-800-621-2556.

Publishing Seminar (Basic outline)
45 minutes to 1 Hour
Class size – 20-30

Slide#1 -Introduction – 2 minutes
• Hand out blank books

Slide #2 -What is publishing? – 3 minutes
• Definition… and discussion

Slide #3 -Pick a name for the publishing company – 8 minutes
• Discuss the pros and cons of the various suggestions
• Vote on a name
• Write the name on the title page of the blank book

Slide #4 -ISBN number – 2 minutes

Slide #5 -Pick a title to publish – 15 Minutes
• Selecting a first title is the most important decision a publisher makes. You write for love… you publish for money. Publishing is a business.
• Discuss the pros and cons of each title from a list of 10 possible titles
• Vote - Add title to blank book

Slide #6 –Copyright – 2 minutes
• Definition and discussion

Slide #7 –Publishing Quick Math – 2 minutes
• Retail Price minus the cost of production and the cost of sales equals the profit

Slide #8 –Cost of Sales – 10 minutes
• The demo slide shows a gloomy picture for the publisher. Discuss ways to increase profit:

Slide #9 –BJB Logo -
• Parts of a book and the printing process – Time Remaining

For more information call:

Ron Pramschufer
RJ Communications
51 East 42nd Street, Suite 1202
New York, NY 10017

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