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Benjamin Banneker Elementary

In every child there rings a voice. These are the voices of our children. Open our pages and hear what we have to say as we strive towards excellence.

Writting is the process that enables us to put in print what we think, feel, speak. We have written about some of our dearest memories and experiences.

The Best Of All Girls


This anthology is a result of the combined effort, energy, and empowerment of six amazing young women. In addition, the success of this project would not have been nearly as great, had it not been for the recongition — on the part of the media outlets, literary presses, and general supporters of the work that Voices Unbroken does — that the many voices that would ordinary go unheard need to be amplified, and that every person on this planet needs to know the power of the written word.

Learning Through Living Histories  

“Through their courageous service to our country, these veterans have given us a legacy of freedom. They have unhesitatingly answered our call to preserve and present that history to our children. We are forever grateful.”

Write On!

We would like to acknowledge all the efforts of the dedicated Bedford Road School staff in developing the creative writing skills of our students. As fourth grade teachers, it has been our pleasure to guide them throughout this publication process. This book would not have been possible without the hard work of our parent volunteers. As the final graduating class of the original Bedford Road School, we would like to thank our principal, Mrs. Susan Santandreu, for her continuous support and encouragements. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Mr. Ron Pramschufer for allowing us the opportunity to “Write On!”

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